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Wescon is specialized in searching, finding, approaching and mediating professionals and supports companies in outsourcing administrative and recruitment processes.
The customers provided with the service of Wescon choose for an optimum between control, flexibility, efficiency, quality and costs. This allows the customer to have focus on its core business.

Our main disciplines are Finance, ICT, HR & Payroll, Sales & Marketing and Sourcing. We work for national companies, but also serve and source for international customers. We work with everyone from niche start-ups to big corporates. Some companies that we worked for are are Philips, Avanade, Nationale-Nederlanden, Tebodin, Relay42, Chassis Brakes International, Busbud and many others.


Every organization needs people to achieve their goals. Nowadays a major challenge. Finding good candidates is a time consuming task and it has become a specialized field. It needs focus on the job(s), insight information about the candidate market and high speed action to find the right candidates.

Wescon can support you or even take care of the entire recruitment process. We are a global outsourcing, interim, sourcing and recruitment agency specialized in searching, finding, approaching and mediating professionals. And outsourcing processes in the fields of Sourcing, Recruitment, HR and Payroll administration, Finance, Compliance and customer contact.


We focus on a long-term relationship. And in cooperation we will review your short- and long-term objectives to have a clear balance meeting your goals. We will offer a full service and tailored delivery that wil fit your needs.

Supported by consultancy, management and training, we will add value in the sourcing-, recruitment- and outsourcing processes and we will assist you in the sustainable development of implementation these processes in your organization.



IT is of great importance for the competitiveness of every business community. A well trained IT professional is indispensable within organizations. A structured and well-organized IT environment contributes to a sustainable growth of any organization. And also knowledge and expertise about product innovations and product improvements are also crucial. Our professionals will immediately add value to the technical chain so that organizations remain competative within their market.


The Finance professional has a crucial role within companies. The demands are extremely high. And in addition having financial management in order, he or she must have a vision on short and long term objectives within the organization. There is a need for professionals who excellerate in specific areas of expertise in the financial profession. Our Finance professionals have this knowledge. They can move extremely well in the often complex and changing financial world.

Sales & Marketing

Marketing professionals are expected to have all the capabilities to bring the organization both online and offline to the attention of (potential) customers. In addition, they must be able to cooperate optimally with the Sales professional, who in turn can generate turnover from these existing customers and acquire new markets. Our Sales and Marketing professionals are accustomed to working with targets, KPIs and marketing strategies and ensure movement within organizations.

HR & Payroll

HR departments are confronted with annual changing laws and regulations and complex digital processes. With the help of our professionals, we can support you and optimise the administration as required. People who have up-to-date knowledge of the digitization of processes, HRM tasks, payroll, labor agreements and know about national and interantional legislation and regulations. Our professionals can be deployed on the basis of a fixed/temporary contract or we can offer you our outsourcing services.


Finding good candidates is a time consuming task and it has become a specialized field. It needs focus on the job(s), insight information about the candidate market and high speed action. Our sourcing organization consists of professionals who are trained in (pro) active sourcing and identifying candidates (active and latent) for current and future vacancies, for perm and temp positions, with every available online and offline resources. They work with the latest tools, are up-to-date with the latest developments and are present at national and international conferences.



We source a list of at least 30 candidates for the vacancy required. This list will contain all the information you need for you to get in touch with those candidates one-on-one: phone number, e-mail, as well as Twitter, Facebook and Linked In accounts. Your recruiter can then approach the candidates, speak and test them and then present them to the relevant hiring manager.


We provide you with an in-house recruiter for at least 1 day a week for 6 weeks. They team up with your hiring manager to understand the specific needs. Then a list is compiled with the best candidates available and get people in for interviews.


This is for when you need to fill multiple vacancies. We provide you with an in-house recruiter (part- or full time) so we can take full responsibility for the end-to-end recruitment process up to the final contract offering. Our recruiter will be supported by one or multiple sourcers to upload the candidate database.


Would you prefer to outsource the sourcing? With Talentsourcing we search, find and approach candidates that fit the vacancy. The advantage is that your recruiter does not have to do the time consuming sourcing and can fully focus on the 'hiring process'.


With the recruitment training you learn how to use the various recruitment channels in the best way possible. You gain insight knowledge in regular and available databases. In addition, you will be tought how to take a deep dive in sourcing to find candidates with specific knowledge and skills.


We help you define the personalities of the individuals you’re looking for, and show you how to build systems to find them. We look at how you present yourself online, and at writing recruitment ads that attract the right people and build your company brand. By optimal using online employer branding you will attract the right professional.


To find and keep the best professional for you company, good quality recruitment processes are needed. Through advice, workshops and training, we help you to set up a complete recruitment engine, one that dovetails with your vision for you company.


In this digital age you can go from a three-person start-up to employing over 100 people in the space of a year. Established organisations also expand at a surprising rate. This requires up-to-date knowledge of the candidate market. But also good strategies, processes and structures to cope with recruitment demands. We advice and train your staff with the latest knowledge in the field of sourcing, recruitment and employment branding.


We provide you with a temp. We have seasoned IT and sales recruiters spread all over the world, our network ensuring there’s always someone available to work for you. In case you are in need for (temporarily) recruitment and/or sourcing capacity we can support you with the needed specialists.



The funny thing is, it actually works

Secondment & Interim management

With secondment you will get instant needed knowledge or additional capacity of our professionals on a temporary contract. In addition, with Interim Management, we offer a specialized and competent manager on a temp contract who independently manages the company, department or a project in order to quickly achieve the expected results.


Sourcing, finding, approaching and selecting candidates for a (permanent) job in line with the strategy and objectives of your company.


To (pro) active search and identification of candidates for permanent and temporary positions, with every online and offline resource tool available. We collect all relevant information from suitable candidates, such as name, profiles, email addresses, employer (s), telephone number, job title (s), tasks and responsibilities. The recruiter of can approach the candidates foranr inteview and (if necessary) a test before they will be presentated to the hiring manager.

Project realization

Complete project implementation to achieve a predetermined and fully agreed result.


Various types of outsourcing processes in the fields of Sourcing, Recruitment, HR and Payroll adminstration, Finance, Compliance and customer contact


Training focussing on the optimal use and deployment of recruitment channels.

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